Ummrah Package


Completing the rounds around Kaaba that is known as Tawaf, drinking zam zam, offering prayers in Harem complete a ritual and spiritual journey known as Ummrah. In this journey people from every ethnicity, cultures, backgrounds visit this holy land in order for the peace of their souls and for their lives. This holy journey begins with the ritual clothes the Ihram in which male pilgrims wear two seamless strips covering them and women use to wear any random clothing covering them completely except their hands and face. Then after arrival they go to the Kabah for Tawaf and then back and forth walking between the hillocks of Safa and Marwah the ritual places of Makkah. then they use to visit Jabal al Nour where there is a cave known as the Hira cave or Ghar e Hira. Then the pilgrims’ drinks Zam Zam in order to complete the rituals, visit of sacred places, then travelling to Madinah state and offer prayer in masjid e NABVI. People who can afford visits yearly.

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