Looking forward to have a holiday plan? Make your holiday perfect by choosing the best place for holiday. Kenya is considered as a most wonderful place for holiday. There are many attractions and eye catching places in Kenya. When someone plans for a holiday they actually need a break from their hectic routines. Kenya is a great place to have a beautiful break there are many places to visit here. There are national parks, historical place, beaches, islands and many other eye conic places to visit. Masai Mara national reserve, Ambos Eli national reserve, Tsavo national park, samburu, buffalo springs and Shaba national reserve, lake nakuru national park, lamu island, lake naivasha, Mombasa that is Kenya’s second largest city and biggest port, Malindi, mount Kenya national park, heels’ gate national park, Ol pejeta conservancy and many other. These are the most attractive places to be visit in Kenya. These are the beauties of Kenya. People who are new to safari can visit the Kenya. In national park there are leopards, tigers, and elephants in a big population. There are very beautiful parks and beaches. At islands people can have rest on beaches, coral reefs and other places at island; they also can sleep under the stars. 

In Kenya there are some public holidays on which people use to feel relax and celebrate their holidays. These are some days where Kenya people use to celebrate their holidays. 1 January the New Year day, International calothic day that is 19 April (a good Friday), labor day, madaraka day, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Azha, Moi da, Mashujaa da,  Diwali, jamhuri da, Christmas day, boxing da. These are the public holidays that are used to celebrate in Kenya. Kenia people are very enthusiastic towards their holidays and celebrate them with passion and with complete rituals.